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Glove Information

Gloves(Nitrile)is made by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile.In order to improve the bonding strength and physical and mechanical properties of wet gel and vulcanizate,Most nitrile latexes are modified with third party monomers containing carboxyl groups during. copolymerization. Commonly used carboxyl monomers include acrylic acid and meth crylic acid.Carboxylic nitrile latex Can significantly inprove the mechanical stability,oil resistance and aging resistance of latex.

Functional Benefits

Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity Thinner gauge improves
Custom design enhances comfort and Superior strength with better puncture resistance
Protecrion from unwanted and dangerous substances
Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down
Full textured or Finger Tip textured enhances wet and dry grip
Provide an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to natural rubber latex.

Application and Scope

House work, electronic, chemical, aquatic, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research and other industries, widely used in semiconductors, precision Installation of dense electronic originals and instruments and operation of sticky metal utensils, installation and commissioning of high- tech products, disc drives, composite materials, LCD display meters, Circuit board production lines, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons and other fields.

Quality Honesti

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Excellent puncture and tear resistance
High touch sensitivity
Good air tighness
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